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Apr 01 2012

Prilosec Free Sample and Coupons April 2012

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I have found a few great deals for Prilosec for the month of April, we have a free sample, a coupon, and some great online deals. This is good news for any of you heart burn sufferers that are also on a tight budget, lets start with the free sample

Free Prilosec Sample

This one is a no brainer, just visit the prilosec free sample page and fill in your basic information. If you qualify you will get a free 14 day trial pack. You can only get the free sample once but it is absolutely free!

Prilosec at $10 off!

Usually when I look online I can only get a few dollars off a pack of Prilosec, but I found a deal for a 42 pack for $10 off. These deals are hard to find so make sure you buy in bulk and stock up, if you order 5 packs at $10 off you save $50! I checked at wal-mart and the 42 pack is $25, it’s only $15 on this Amazon.com Prilosec page

Prilosec Coupon $1 off

If you prefer to buy Prilosec in the stores there is a $1 prilosec coupon in this months P&G brand saver. To find the nearest store that caries the brand saver you can use this link. With this link you will save $1 off the $24 price for a 42 pack, so I definitely recommend buying online and if you buy in bulk you get free shipping.

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