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Jan 27 2011

Omeprazole Generic

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Omeprazole Generic As Safe As the Other Brands

Prilosec is a known brand in curing acid related illness. This works through blocking the productions of enzymes that cause acids in the digestive system. This type of medicine belongs to what we call as Proton Pump Inhibitors or PPI that block those acids in the stomach an easing the pain cause by acid. AstraZeneca LP’s Prilosec is expensive in the market that is why a generic omeprazole was introduced. Is it safe it is to use Omeprazole generic?

The Food and Drug Administration had approved the generic omeprazole to be sold in the market to compete with the expensive brand of it. This will help those who are prescribed to take in this medicine will potentially saved them from that pricey brand name drug.

omeprazole genericFDA already assured the public that like the branded omeprazole, the generic is safe and effective to use. It is manufactured with the same quality and high standard, which means equally identical to those with brand names. The only difference is the substantial discount given compared to those competing branded omaprezole. FDA added that omeprazole generic meets the same high standards for quality drug.

Omeprazole generic is created to help patients with acid related problems to have it in a lower cost but of the same quality. Most hospitals in the USA saved billions in using generic brands with the same quality and strength. But remember, pregnant and nursing mothers are prohibited to take in this kind of medicine, as it will damage both the in-taker and the baby.