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Jan 14 2011

How I Saved 27% on Prilosec!

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I have found a few coupons for a dollar or two off of Prilosec, but I just discovered an even better way to save money.

So for two 42 packs of prilosec which usually lasts me about 3 or 4 months I would pay around $60 in the stores. I found this deal online where it is was only $45. The thing is though I checked again today and it had gone back up, but I saw another deal for a single pack for $20, normally $25 in the stores. If you are looking for a deal on Prilosec then check out this link and you will probably find one!

I buy Prilosec about once a month, and usually go through a pack a month. In the stores it usually sells for $60 for a 48 pack (I like to buy in bulk to save money) But I did a search online and found a 48 pack of prilosec for only $43.50! I did the math and that is 27% off, which is better than any coupon. Also FREE SHIPPING! Not only is it cheaper, but a dude will bring it right to your door for free, that’s sweet.

Here are some reviews that I found on the site from people who have bought online

Prilosec Review

“I have purchased these products twice. I take one everyday and I find that this is a very good deal, compared to the store or super market price. Also, they do work. I do suggest that you consult your doctor before getting on any over-thprilosec otce-counter product on a daily basic.”

“This is a great place to purchase this product. The price can’t be beat. I was getting the generic through my prescription plan but found this on line and saved a bunch. I reconmend anyone who uses this to order online. I’m about ready to make my 3rd order.
Scarlet” You can check out more prilosec reviews on this page


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